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PPL Licence | You’ve Achieved it But What Now? – (Part 1 of 2)

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Looking For Something To Do Now You Have Your PPL Licence?

You’ve done all the studying for your Private Pilot’s Licence, passed all the aviation exams and finally gained that PPL Licence! But now what? Well worry not because there’s a whole world of aviation fun to be had.

If you have passed your driving test, chances are what I say next may sound familiar. If you haven’t already heard it, then it will only be a matter of time before you do. An instructor, PPL licence holder or PPL student will tell you that your PPL Licence should be considered as a licence to learn.

I’m not sure I absolutely agree with that – but it’s true that we never stop learning, I however prefer to think of the aviation licence as a key that opens the skies to a whole new and fantastic world of opportunities. Once you pass the final stages of your PPL training, usually the GFT of general skills test (you are still considered a student pilot until you have the PPL licence in your hands) and it is likely that you’ll be ‘chomping at the bit’ to take friends and family for a short local flight.

It is most likely that your next few flights following receipt of your PPL Licence will be to familiar airfields, almost certainly those you visited during your training, or destinations in your qualifying cross-country. Many new pilots find the next set of destinations more challenging as you tend to venture further away from your base airfield.

You’ve Achieved Your PPL Licence, But What’s Next? – (Part 2 of 2)

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Continued From Part 1

Unlicensed airfields come in all shapes and sizes: some will be massive, ex-military airfields with huge tarmac runways and little else; others will be small grass airfields with a friendly clubhouse and refuelling capacity. Just to confuse matters, some licensed airfields become ‘unlicensed’ when they close (perhaps the fire crew has gone home, meaning that the requirements to be licensed are no longer in place), but the operator may still allow landings and departures after-hours.

Farm strips are usually little more than a runway cut into a field. Sometimes the field will be long, smooth and dry, and sometimes it will have a significant slope, be surrounded by trees and will have sheep grazing on it. There’s no doubt that landing at a farm strip can be much more challenging than landing at a licensed airfield. Microlight pilots live and breath these types of airstrips and landing you aircraft at some strips can be a whole heap of fun.