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Air Law, or aviation law is considered by a lot of student pilots as being the least interesting of the mandatory aviation exams or PPL subjects, yet it is more often than not the first of the ppl exams that is taken by most student pilots.

The main reason for taking air law first, is that as your flight training develops its important the the rules and regulations that govern us pilots are known and observed. Air Law is a requirement before flying solo.

There have been many changes to air legislation over the years and no doubt there will be changes in the future.

Basis of Aviation Law

In most countries Aviation Law is based upon the rules, regulations & procedures dictated by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation). Established just before the end of the 2nd World War in 1944, the ICAO standardised the operating and navigational procedures for international aviation.

One of the most recent developments in air law includes the work of the JAA (Joint Aviation Authority). The JAA is an organisation whose principal existence is to seek uniform standards to European aviation rules, procedures, airworthiness and licensing.

The newer rules are know as JAR (Joint Aviation Requirements) can have wide and profound effects on aviation procedures.

It is always wise to keep abreast of changes to aviation law during your training and after you have gained your ppl licence.

The EU has formed an agency known as EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) whose prime purpose is to promote aviation safety throughout Europe by regulating aviation operating procedures.

The EASA is also involved in pilot licensing standardisation and is likely to impinge on UK requirements in the future.

The Contents of the Air Law Syllabus

Below are the main elements concerning Air Law that you will cover whilst learning to fly:
  • Rules of the Air
  • Air Traffic Services and Division of Airspace
  • Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Airworthiness of Aircraft
  • JAA Regulations
  • NPPL (National Private Pilots Licence)
  • Operational Procedures
  • Noise Abatement
This list expands into many more sub sections.

The Air Law Exam

The PPL Air Law Exam is a multiple choice paper and you are allowed 1 hour to complete the paper. A few examples of an air law type question would be:

Q. You see another powered aircraft to your left on a converging course, what should be your initial action?

Q. On the ground, does an aircraft taxying have priority over an aircraft being towed?

Q. What is the meaning of this signal in the signals square?

Air Law Exam Question

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