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Aviation Exam – Pass Them All With Ease!

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Aviation Exam – The Inside Track

So now its time to take a closer look at the actual ppl aviation exam subjects themselves and give you a better understanding of what is involved and what to expect.

Before you can send off for your PPL Licence you must have passed each mandatory aviation exam:
  • Air Law
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Aircraft General & Principles of Flight
  • Flight Planning & Performance
  • Communications
  • Practical Radio Test

Aviation ExamAir Law

You are likely to find that almost all flying schools will require that you have passed Air Law before they allow you to fly solo. A significant portion of this exam contains questions associated with or on the Chicago Convention which, when read, would enable any insomniac to sleep very well at night. Fortunately for the student pilot the various text books available offer a far more readable alternative. There are a total of 40 questions to be answered within one hour.

Sample question: When a glider and an airship meet, who has right of way, the glider or the airship?

Aviation ExamHuman Performance & Limitations

A fairly interesting and straight forward subject matter, this exam consists of 20 questions to be answered in 30 minutes, containing basic questions about the human body and the various effects that changes in the Earth’s atmosphere have on the body.

Sample question: Can you see and smell carbon monoxide?

Aviation ExamMeteorology

Again a 20 question exam, however this time you have one hour to complete it. This particular exam deals with questions about the composition of the atmosphere, such as what type of weather you could expect from a front or depression.

Sample question: In the northern hemisphere, where would the low pressure system be if your back is to the wind?

Aviation ExamNavigation

This is an exam that a good number of flying schools would like you to pass before you embark on any solo cross country flight. The exam requires you to prepare and plan a flight before being asked various questions about the route, along with various navigational questions.

A Sample question might be: Your aircraft fuel consumption is 6 imperial gallons per hour and you have 18 imperial gallons on board your aircraft. If you then fly for one and a half hours, how much fuel would you have left?

Aviation ExamAircraft General and Principles of Flight

Another one and a half hour exam, however in this particular exam there are 50 questions to be answered on subjects such as aircraft structures, engines and the atmosphere.

Sample question: Does the density of the air increase or decrease with altitude?

Aviation ExamFlight Planning and Performance

This is similar to Aircraft General in that it relates to the performance and operation of an aircraft.

Sample question: Would a very heavy aircraft need a longer or shorter runway to take-off when compared to a lighter aircraft of the same type in similar conditions?

Aviation ExamCommunications

In essence this is the theory side of radio telephony with questions concerning the operation and procedures of using an aircraft radio, what type of message is more or less important than another, how to ask for help and assistance and selecting the best ground station.

Sample question: Does an unplanned ‘MAYDAY’ message have priority over a message about deteriorating weather conditions or a change in circuit direction?

Aviation ExamPractical Radio

This exam puts you into an imaginary flight in a radio simulator environment, with the examiner playing the part of an air traffic controller. The exam is normally carried out at the end of the PPL course. I would strongly recommend that you practice your radio communication skills with either your instructor or with computer based training / specialist CDs.

As the saying goes, “Practice Makes Perfect”. The best way to ensure that you are fully prepared and ready to sit each aviation exam, is to go through mock aviation exam papers or past papers. Some flying schools offer mock exam papers, however here at PPL Exam Pro, we have created the ultimate in aviation exam preparation software. Take a look at PPL EXam Pro v2.01 by clicking the link and have a play with the demo!

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