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Is The NPPL Worth Consideration

Written by admin. Posted in Aviation General

If you have ever wondered whether the NPPL (National Private Pilots Licence) is worth considering or are confused by the different types of private pilot’s licence then read on. There are a good number of reasons why many people opt for the NPPL over the JAR-FCL PPL(A). The question is, “is it right for you?” and this very much depends on what you plan to do with your flying in the future, and whether or not you can pass the Class 1 or 2 medical. Interestingly with the NPPL there is no medical you simply need to get your GP to sign a form saying that you have a certain level of fitness commonly referred to as self declaration. The benefits of this is that it has allowed many pilots who have medical conditions, that would fail the Class 1 medical to carry on flying. Secondly, the flying syllabus for the NPPL disregards a whole chunk of the PPL(A) course. In effect this reduces the required total number of flying hours and subsequently the associated cost. Unfortunately there are some downsides and perhaps the most significant restriction on the UK NPPL is that it is not an internationally recognised license and therefore you can only fly in UK airspace. There is however a strong possibility that this will change in the near future as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is proposing a leisure pilot’s licence, which has very similar training and medical requirements to that of the UK NPPL. As such this would then become valid across Europe. It must be said that much of the NPPL training course is valid for PPL(A) and up to 30 hours can be credited should you decide to upgrade later.

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