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Whether you are new to marketing on the internet or a hardened veteran, PPL Exam Pro’s Affiliate programme has plenty to offer and is a unique product on Clickbank.

In fact there is very little like it currently on the web, with almost all competitive products being in book form.

So if you want to carve yourself a BIG! piece of the action then get your affiliate link today and start promoting.

To help you promote PPL Exam Pro, I have put together some marketing tools which I am sure you will find helpful. For all those that are new to affiliate marketing, below are some simple instructions on how to get started.

How our Affiliate Programme Works

Our affiliate programme is managed by ClickBank. It pays a 70% commission for every sale your refer. The product sells for $57. For every visitor you bring to our site that buys the product, you earn $39.90. ClickBank independently tracks all sales and issues commission cheques. ClickBank uses a ‘cookie’ system which means that if the user doesn’t buy the product on the first day and comes back up to 60 days later, if you were the last person who referred the visitor, you will still get credited for the sale!

So, all you need to be concerned about is generating the traffic and the rest is taken care of for you! You can join our affiliate program right now by clicking the link below:

Click Here to Join Our Affiliate Program

If you already have a Clickbank Account, here is the affiliate link to promote:

http://xxxx.pplexampro.hop.clickbank.net where xxxx is your ClickBank account name.

How to Market PPL Exam Pro Online?

There are a number of ways to promote products as an affiliate. Principally these are: 1. Advertising using PPC (Pay Per Click) via Google Adwords and a few others. 2. Blogging and Social Media – Using Web 2.0 sites to talk about the product and get the word out 3. Article Marketing – Via Ezine Articles and many others 4. Setting up your own website and/or placing banner ads on your own site 5. Spreading the word via forums and posting comments on other peoples related blogs etc. 1. Google Adwords, PPC advertising Important 2009/2010 Update!

Due to fairly recent changes at GOOGLE, If you are thinking about using PPC advertising and in particular Google Adwords you must have your own web site with a unique URL. Your pages should offer new and original content to the user. Google frowns upon direct linking and/or redirects and wishes each advertiser to offer something of value to the prospect/customer and if you fail to do so you run the risk of having your campaign deactivated.

There are a number of good programmes out there that teach how to get the best possible results using Pay Per Click Advertising. One I have been a member of myself is PPC Classroom and highly recommend you give it a look.

Recent debate as to whether PPC is still an effective way to market suggests that its days are numbered and its easy to lose control of your spend if you are not careful and target the wrong keywords. However all I can say is that it still works for affiliates of PPL Exam Pro. It is most powerful when an affiliate researches keywords that are less searched (the long-tail keywords). The keywords that currently converting best for PPL Exam Pro are:

“PPL Exam Papers” “PPL Exams & “Learn to Fly”

and derivatives of these terms. I have provided some main keywords later for you to use as the basis of your campaigns.

These are Primary keywords so to speak. You may find is that the biding is somewhat competitive for keywords associated with learning to fly so you need to do some work with some ‘keyword tools’ such as Google’s own free tool to mine deeper and find less obvious but related keyword.

It would be wrong for me to give you an extensive list of these keywords as that would annoy my affiliates who have done the work, but I can say that you will find many similar keywords that you can bid low for and that will convert nicely into sales for you.

Using Google’s Adwords or any other PPC method takes a bit of time and effort and if you are new to it, I strongly advise you get some course material as mentioned earlier, so you don’t lose your shirt. Don’t give up too early, tweak the campaigns and work with it. I assure you that it will generate good revenue for you if you do so.

2. Got your own site, blog or forum?

If you are really serious about creating a long term stable income from PPL Exam Pro you should consider placing content on a site of your own. First off, it will help you attract free traffic from the search engines and secondly, it will help you pre sell the product.

There is two ways to approach this either a) find associated content from the web and edit/re-write it to make it your own unique content or b) write a review.

Important: Please do not copy any of the testimonials from this site. The people who gave these have only given permission for them to appear on PPLExamPro.com and nowhere else.

Pre-selling… This is a great technique and one that works very well for my top affiliates.

So.. Review PPL Exam Pro. If you benefit from it write a review and post it to your site or blog with your affiliate link.

It is Important to: Be honest. Do not make up a false success story or testimonial. People will see through it quickly. It damages your chance of making a sale and our reputation. Be firm and objective in the review if necessary, people want to hear what you didn’t like about the product as well as what you did like, so go ahead and tell them (and me) if there was something you feel could be improved.

An example may be “Great piece of software, however it is cannot be used in total isolation and for the best possible results should be used in conjunction with ground school course material”

Free places to post Lastly you don’t always have to have your own site you can post your own articles or reviews to EzineArticles.com & GoArticles.com

Start a blog of your own Make a free blog with a site like Blogger.com. or WordPress.org. On your blog talk about the PPL Exam Pro software product, then use a site like Pingomatic.com so your blog shows up in the major search engines. Of Course have your affiliate link on this as well!

You may also want to check out, PRweb.com. Post a review of the PPL Exam Pro Program with your link. You can also pay them $80 and they will make sure your Press Release is put on ALL major search engines.

Lastly, if you are experienced at Internet Marketing than you are well aware that the time and effort you invest is what you get out. All of our top affiliates have made a commitment of time and effort and they get rewarded well for that in terms of sales generated.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or need help. I sincerely view this as a partnership, helping each other is the way to greater benefit for both of us.

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PPL Exam Pro Banner Ads

Here are banner ads you can use on your website to promote PPL Exam Pro. Just copy and paste the code in the box below into your website code. Replace XXXXX with your Clickbank ID.